When Malaysian are welcoming the 6% GST (Good, Service Tax) on April 1, 2015, Microsoft also adjusting the price tier for apps in Windows and Windows Phone stores.

On the week of April 13, 2015, the price in the store will automatically updated to the new rate. According to Microsoft, this update will not affect US Dollar (USD) price, and will remain the same. Where the price in all other currencies will be adjusted relative to the USD price.

There are total of 16 markets suffer substantial price changes with 20% or more due to foreign exchange rate. This 16 markets are:

• Ukraine (UAH)
• Norway (NOK)
• Russia (RUB)
• Sweden (SEK)
• Argentina (ARS)
• Hungary (HUF)
• Romania (RON)
• Czech Republic (CZK)
• Denmark (DKK)
• Venezuela (VEF)
• Poland (PLN)
• Colombia (COP)
• Chile (CLP)
• Indonesia (IDR)
• United Kingdom (GBP)
• Mexico (MXN)

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