About a month ago, WordPress 4.2.1 have a serious security bugs, and require immediately action to patch it to WordPress 4.2.2. As per the instruction, update the version 4.2.1 to the latest 4.2.2 and resulting I can't login to my blog since May 27.

I'd try couple of way try to regain the access, and no luck at all. At the same time, a friend of my suggest me to look into GHOST for my blog; it is light weight and some how powerful enough for my task.

While I trying to recover all my previous articles, I found that some of the articles are some how "out of date" or "no longer applicable", for those articles, I decide to let it go, and not bring over to the new sites.

Hence, this is the results of using GHOST, and this blog is back to live again!

Snake Chia

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