Microsoft Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure for Students

Azure is the cloud services provided by Microsoft. Azure is experiencing hyper growth for the past few years. Just in year 2017, there are more than 300 new features added into it.

Developers can or general public can easily sign up Azure services with just few steps and can enjoy all the benefits that the cloud can bring.

Even though user can sign up Azure Account for free with Azure Free account, it still require user’s credit card for verification. Unfortunately, this is not the case for a 13 years old students or in most case, not even an undergraduate own a credit card.

Microsoft understand this situation clearly. As for the result, Microsoft came out a new program dedicated for students to master the power of the future.

Microsoft Azure for Students

Students aged 18 and above, attend an accredited, degree-granting educational institution, full-time student or faculty in a STEM-related field, is eligible to sign up Microsoft Azure for Students program with the organization email address. No credit card is required.

Microsoft Azure for Students come with 25+ free products and services as well as with $100 through out the 12 months period.

If you are student with age of 18 and below, Microsoft do have another program for you:

Microsoft Azure for Students Starter

Similar to Microsoft Azure for Students, verified thru academic organization email address, and credit card information is not required, students are eligible for the following free services from Azure:

  • Azure App Services
  • Notification Hubs
  • MySQL database from MySQL in-app
  • Application Insights
  • Visual Studio Team Services

The features offer by this program is significantly less than Microsoft Azure for Students. But, this program has no time limit and commitment as long as the student status is valid, the above benefits is yours.

Regardless you are participate in Microsoft Azure for Students or Microsoft Azure for Student Starter, at the end of the program, you can always able to upgrade your program to “Pay-As-You-Go” subscription online.

If you are a student, and haven’t explore the power of Microsoft Azure, try it now!!!

Microsoft Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure for Students Starter

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